Amazing Success Stories

Acai Berry Success Stories

Read some of the amazing Acai Slim Success Stories our clients acheived with Acai Slim. Most of these amazing transformations didn't follow any harsh exercise programs or strict diets. That's the power of Acai Slim.
Individual results may vary from person to person.
Rebecca loses 15kg in 3 months

Hottest Mum on The Block -
Rebecca loses 15kg in 3 months!

"Four years since the birth of my beautiful daughter Hannah, and I still hadn't lost the baby weight. I tried a dozen different diets, aerobics, yoga, crazy diet pills, everything! I figured my days of feeling sexy and confident were gone. Finally, after a friend recommended it to me, I tried Acai Slim.

Talk about turning back the clock! The cellulite on my hips and bottom is gone, along with about 14 centimetres. Flab around my neck and beneath my arms is gone, along with the puffiness in my face.

My weight has dropped significantly, almost 15kg in just under 3 months! I feel healthier than I have in ages, and I even have more energy to chase after Hannah. Now I'm the 'hot mum' on the playground and I'm having more fun than ever!"

Rebecca W

"With the summer bathing suit season arriving, I needed to lose weight fast. Several websites gave positive reviews to Acai Slim, so I tried it. It's worked like a charm, and the best part of it? I'm not hungry! Every other diet or supplement I have tried has crashed when my appetite and the cravings become too much to endure. Acai Slim keeps my hunger in check and my energy up."

Jess Montgomery

"My first school reunion was a disaster - there had been two kids and a lot of miles between being voted "best looking" in the year book five years ago and what I had become. I caught some looks and heard the whispers, and one of my old boyfriends didn't even recognize me! I was devastated, and when it came time for my ten year reunion, I was determined not to go through that kind of misery again.

I saw a news program about acai berries, so I tried Acai Slim. I've never been happier with a diet supplement (and I have tried a few)! Despite getting a late start, I made all my goals and then some - in just 10 weeks, I lost over 17 kilos!

I thought losing that weight would be the fight of my life, but Acai Slim made it easy. No cravings, my energy was up, and trouble areas on my thighs and tummy were smoothed and flattened and when the fat came off so did the inches. The ten year reunion was a huge success! Believe you me I got recognized by everyone this time around, and all my girlfriends wanted to know what my secret was. I even fit in my Year 12 formal dress! Acai Slim made an amazing difference in my life."

Gina Johnson

"I hit a point where I knew I weighed too much, but had no idea what to do about it. I work full-time and I'm a mother of four, so I don't have time to workout. And I can't go on some starvation diet because I need to stay active and functional. Acai Slim has been a miracle for me - four weeks in and 11kg's melted away already! THANK YOU!!!"

Megan Stanley

Judy Lost 26kg and a further 12cm from her Stomach and Thighs

Judy Lost 26kg and a further 12cm from her Stomach and Thighs

"You never know where the inspiration to lose weight might come from. Mine came when my four-year-old son drew a crayon picture of our family... and Mummy was a giant pink oval! I was crushed, but determined to get myself down to a more healthy weight. After some research on the Internet, I decided to give Acai Slim a try.

The results have been more than I could have hoped for. A total of 26kg has melted away, and several inches along with them (about 12cm around my stomach and thighs). The other mums have asked my secret and I'm happy to let them in on it, but how do I really know that Acai Slim worked? In my son's latest drawing, I'm a stick figure!
Thank you Acai Slim!"

Rebecca W

"I had to finally give up on diets - I HATE having that starving feeling all day! Exercise is not really my thing, so I wasn't sure how I was going to stay slim and keep from packing on the kilos. Acai Slim to the rescue! It's great at suppressing my appetite, but I still have the energy to go all day. Three weeks, 8 kilos lost - that's change I can believe in!"

T. Powers

"I guess I'm like most guys - I've got some blubber here and there, but I'm not interested in going through a lot of effort to lose weight. I get some exercise in during the week playing tennis, but I'm not a fan of going to the gym or working out. I'm definitely not interested in counting calories.

But a female friend encouraged me to start paying a little more attention to how my body looks. She told me about Acai Slim and I decided to give it a try. The results have been pretty outstanding.

I've been using it now for about ten weeks and I've lost about 24 kilos - bye bye blubber!

Losing those kilos makes playing tennis a lot easier, and I've still got plenty of energy to get out there and hustle. No need to count calories - Acai Slim keeps my appetite from being an issue. I thought losing weight was supposed to be a big pain in the butt?!?

I didn't realize how much weight I was carrying in my face until Acai Slim helped me get rid of it - my face is slim and trim and I'm not 'that fat guy' anymore. That female friend of mine might even be interested in being more than friends..."


"For the past six years I've had the same New Years' Resolution - Lose Weight! - and for six years I've never been able to make it happen. This year I decided I had to make good on my promise. A nutritionist friend recommended Acai Slim, so I gave it a go. Jackpot!

I used Acai Slim on and off over the course of a year, when I needed it, and I lost over 15 kilograms. Bye bye second chin! Bye bye flabby thighs! Bye bye sweatpants and oversized sweaters! Hello jealous friends and a boyfriend who turned into a fiance! Acai Slim, where were you six years ago?"


35kg Lost in 4 Months + a job promotion

35kg Lost in 4 Months + a job promotion

"Acai Slim came through for me in a big way. I'm a police officer and was due for promotion, but I needed to get myself back into shape first (junk food stops during the graveyard shift had ballooned me to over 120kilos). There were other officers in line for the same promotion, so I had to move quick or I would get passed over.

My job doesn't leave any time for the gym, so I needed a diet supplement that would work on its own. A personal trainer friend of mine recommended Acai Slim; she used it and recommended it to all her clients.

Did it ever work! In just 4 months I lost 35 kilos - not just lost the weight, but got toned and stronger! People noticed the transformation. I got lots of questions about the weight coming off, but everyone noticed the new attitude even more - I was more energetic, cheerful and seemed to be enjoying life more. It was true! I felt better all around because I had lost so much flab (having to get a new uniform was something I was NOT expecting).

And Acai Slim worked for my busy schedule. I lost the weight, got my promotion, and I'm absolutley ovejoyed with the new me."

Robert Wong

"Once I hit 100 kilos, I'd finally had enough. I needed to lose weight and I wanted to do it safely - no weird diet pills with unhealthy ingredients and dangerous side effects for me.

I did a lot of research and chose Acai Slim based on all the positive reviews. What a difference it's made! After only a month, I've lost 12.5 kilos. Clothes I haven't been able to squeeze into in over two years are LOOSE on me now!

I lost 5cm from my butt and thighs. Acai Slim has been so effective that I'm going to keep at it - I feel like I'm only weeks away from regaining the body of my youth.


"WOW! It's like having my body from high school back. Dieting has never worked for me and I thought I was stuck for the rest of my life feeling overweight and depressed. Acai Slim literally melts the fat away. I'm down from 117 kg to 96 kg in only eight weeks, and playing soccer again for the first time in ten years!"

Ingrid Loses 28kg in 14 weeks!

Ingrid Loses 28kg in 14 weeks!

"I think it happens to everyone. After sixteen years and two children, the fire had gone out of my marriage. I wasn't obese, but I had definitely let things slide. I wanted to get that fire back. As an anniversary present to my husband, I told him I was going to get myself back into the shape I was in when we first met.

I had already checked into a number of different things to try, but the only one that fit into my lifestyle was Acai Slim. I really appreciated the special 2-for-1 offer - these days every penny counts. The first week, I could feel my body adjusting; I only lost 2 kilos, but I immediately noticed that I still had lots of energy.

The third week the kilos started coming off quicker: down another 3.5 kilos. Already my clothes were feeling a little baggy. The Acai Slim really does a great job of controlling your appetite.

At 6 weeks, friends and family started noticing how good I was looking.

Now, after 14 weeks of taking Acai Slim, I'm down nearly 28 kilos. I've lost 14cm or more from my stomach and buttocks, and a about 4-5cm each from my upper arms and calves. I'm shopping in the same section as my teenaged daughter! My husband is ecstatic that the girl he married sixteen years ago is back, and now he's taking Acai Slim to give me the same present!"

Ingrid Lokic

"Acai Slim has done so much more for me than just take away those stubborn kilos and centimetres. I feel revitalized! My face looks smoother, tighter and younger. I've got the energy to work all day and then spend quality time with family or friends at night. No cravings, no jittery feelings. It's really changed what I thought a diet pill was all about."

"Fat and forty is not exactly a formula that attracts the ladies, so I knew that if I was going to find true happiness I needed to get my weight under control. I'm not what you'd call an athlete, and I have trouble saying 'no' to food. Acai Slim was really my only hope, and it worked out great.

It helped keep my appetite in check and away from the dessert table. In two months I've lost about 21 kilos and 14 cm's around my waist. I'm looking pretty good if I do say so myself, and there are several ladies that seem to agree!"

Tom K

"Acai Slim has really delivered for me. I'm (relatively) newly single. Mentally I've been ready to get back out there for a few months now. Physically? Well, that's another story. I'd gotten "comfortable" in my marriage and let myself go a little. After the divorce, a little depression led to a lot of ice cream, and before I knew it I was pushing 85 kg's.

I was anxious to get back out there and needed to turn things around quick. I saw a report on Channel 9 about acai berries, and found out about Acai Slim after that. The results have been dramatic! Quick weight loss? Check - In only six weeks I've shed almost 15 kg's, and 10-12 cm's on my thighs and bottom. Appetite suppressed? Check - From morning well into the night, Acai Slim has me covered: no cravings, no binge eating. Enough energy to make it through the day? Check - Even though I'm not eating as much, I still have all the energy I need for work and play. Compliments from my friends? Check - They all wonder where my cellulite went and how I'm looking so young all of a sudden!

I'm finally ready to get back out in the world and embrace life to the fullest! I am so proud of myself and my confidence has shot through the roof!"


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